The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Fan-Fiction

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  

Bonus Chapter: Courage, Wisdom and Power

I pulled Epona to a stop. We finally reached the gates of Hyrule Castle. It has been a harsh trip getting here for sure. Making it past all those monsters and the Guardians. I needed to admit, that the Shiekah-Tribe, which had built these ancient spider robots 10 000 years ago, really must have known what they were doing. I got off from my loyal horse, which just shook her mane. She looked like she was worried.

No worries. Nothing can go wrong. I’m just trying to save a princess from the demon king himself, who are both located on top of an extremely high-guarded castle. What could possibly go wrong right?

 I quitted my anxious thoughts, gave Epona a last loving pat on the back and then climbed the outer castle wall. The castle was huge. Apart from the overwhelming decay and the smell of death in the air, it was just like 100 years ago, the time I last saw it. The city around the castle was all in ruins, nothing left of the people that had once lived there. The castle itself was mostly positioned on the huge hill in the middle of the complex. And in the middle, the highest point of the building, there was the throne room. That was my destination. But there was one thing I needed to do first. I looked to the right of the throne room. There it was, the only thing that seemed kind of untouched: Zelda’s studying tower… and also, her room. Weiterlesen